Cock Rock's Not Dead

The Debriefing Room

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K-I-D-S Spells Rock

K-I-D-S spells Rock.

The Great Aussie Larrikin

You're a loud annoying man with a lager in your hand How do you put a lid on your dick Fist ID But i think you're a twat you see Though i'm sure you'd disagree So i fantasise about this compromise singing woh woh woh It could improve your demeanour if you had a clamp upon your weiner Maybe you'd be more bearable with Electrodes on your genitals He's got such a rich comedic gift And his mates are Roguish lads like his favourite Beer ad

I Want to be a Gladiator

Ooh i want to be a galdiator because i like to win I like to wear tight little pants and hang out at the gym i wanna be a gladiator really really bad And if you will not let me then i'll be very sad I like Gauntlet for it's thrills and spills while Hang tough tests my Mental Skills Oh Yeah The challengers would always lose And i'd mock them in post match interviews oh yeah

(We Are) Disgruntled

Hired a video the other day Brought it back late and i had to pay A three dollar overdue fine to the filthy corporate swine I didn't like it and it shows But it could have been worse i suppose None the less i had the shits i was abit put out by it We are a bit perturbed and we are quite put out We are Disgruntled Went to catch a bus but it was late It did make me quite irate I guess i will just have to wait But you're lucky I don't smash the state Oh no here it comes now Not before time i muttered and frowned Its not the sort of thing you wanna happen to you but what are you gonna do

Will drop pants for airplay

I'd wash the car of an A & R man from polygram I'd mow his lawn while he was on vacation I'd perform complex oral sex acts upon the staff of any popular radio stations I will drop pants I'd write a song about pulling a bong and all the humourous Consequences such endeavours do bring It's been done a million and one times before i know But contemporary youth based humour is a now thing It should be plain that fleeting fame is all that i desire And beneath the glow of shallow praise I'm to bask So i'll wait outside your gate until you will allow Me to degrade myself you've only to ask

The Debriefing Room


Piss in My Weet-Bix

When you're away things never ever are quite the same, nothing is cool everything is lame. It leaves me with a bitter taste. There is Piss in my weet-bix, there's ear-wax all over my Jatz. The Smeg in my lagers a shame as is the shit in my champagne. It's been too long, since you've been gone and now it seems like everything is wrong I'm hearing truths in the lyrics of Elton John. There is Piss in my weet-bix, there's ear-wax all over my Jatz. The Smeg in my lagers a shame as is the shit in my champagne. Piss, Weet bix. Ear Wax, all over my jatz. Lager a shame as is the shit in my champagne.

Cock Rock's not Dead

Early Ratt was really good roxus were misunderstood I'd canonise the Crue if i could. Cock Rock's not dead She's My Cherry Pie Makes me feel Ten Feet High But she sure gives love a bad name. Warrants prime we're yet to pass Jovi are still kicking arse Winger's appeal will always last. Cock Rock's not dead She's My Cherry Pie Makes me feel Ten Feet High But she sure gives love a bad name.

We're not getting any nuder

You said that you liked my light blue scoops You said the tan trim put you in the mood so baby are you ready for love Your hyper colour T-shirt does it to me You said that you knew itThat's why you bought three We're not getting any nuder You say my ugh boots are in fact not comfortable footwear but an aphrodisiac Your dire Straits headband steals the show One look at it and i'm ready to go

(Oh Yes) You're Beautiul

Ray Martin has a sed full of gigantic robotic killer wasps

Your condescending smile and lego man hairstyle make you the darling of the brain dead rank and file but lookout I'm about to expose your evil little game Ray martin has a shed full of gigantic robotic killer wasps Your self righteous facade has to be fucking large to shield the mutant horror lurking in your garage

Egg Sandwich

Frenzal Rhomb were better when Ben was in the band

This here is the story of a guy called ben, six string, pretty hairy in a group called Fren-zal Rhomb They were the greatest in the land That was of course until Ben did leave the band Jay was ok in his own funny way but his affected yobbism was soon passe Do you understand Frenzal were better when Ben was in the band Lex's best fails my test even though he always oozes sex Nat's a prat and that is that he was just some guy sitting next to Ben's stack Frenzal were better when ben was in the band

Smart Casual Trousers

Come on Everyone Lets all dance and have some fun We can sing fruity songs I've got my smart casual trousers on This blue light disco is my oyster If she'll agree to dance with me i will rejoice I'll walk her home and we might kiss I've got my new strides to thank for this We Built this city to rock and roll and we built the hooters to lose control


Monty you mean more than it seems Do you know what i mean and i really got to know Monty do you love me Coz all you seem to do is push and shove meMonty Monty do you realise my true love my true love burns for you

Warwick Capper is in our Rock Group

Warwick Capper's in my rock group however i am not sure if his involvement will help us to reach the top Gotta reach the top Everybody's talking about a new way of walking This could be the next big thing maybe Feel something is growing Is my vibe showing? Come on shift my units baby Right alright Now Warwick Capper is in my rock group what i wanna know is will his presence help us to get a guernsey in smash hits Gotta get on Smash Hits They say his glory days are long since passed away But he's got a car and his friends always turn up to see us play alright

I Wanna Rock

The Debreifing Room Reprise

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