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Cock Rock's Not Dead


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Return of the Zombie Skate Poets from Planet Sex

Return of the Zombie Skate poets from Planet Sex EP-1994 (Rock)

1- Hi Fans

2- She Left Me For A Game Show Host Blues

3- Bad Hair Day

4- Some Girls

5- 20th Century Romeo

6- Traditional Croatian Tree Planting Polka

7- Sucker For Your Spit

8- Space Girl With Bionic Breasts

9- I Slam Therefore I Am

10- Bone Slacks Max

11- The Self Loathing Song

1, 2, 3 Baby Yeah

1, 2, 3 Baby Yeah-1995 (Rock)

1- And Yet

2- 1-2-3 Baby Yeah

3- When I Squeeze My Nose I Sound Like Axl Rose

4- You're Not Doing It Properly

5- Satan Is Tops (Death Metal Song)

6- The Guitar Is Not A Toy

7- Freeze Frame

8- Hungry Hungry Hippo Is A Metaphor For Our Love

9- 2016- A Bass Odyssey

10- That's Very Funny

11- Everyone Loves A Moron

12- Cardboard Quentin

13- Mt Splashmore

14- Hard Rockin' Man (secret track-Macho Man)

Slippery When Crap EP

Slippery When Crap EP-1995 (Punk)

1- The Final Countdown

2- You Give Love A Bad Name

3- Pour Some Sugar On Me

4- Kickstart My Heart

5- We're Not Going To Take It

6- Unskinny Bop

The Debreifing Room

The Debriefing Room-1996 (Punk)

1- K-I-D-S Spells Rock

2- The Great Aussie Larrikin

3- I Want To Be A Gladiator

4- (We Are) Disgruntled

5- Will Drop Pants For Airplay

6- The Debriefing Room

7- Piss In My Weetbix

8- Cock Rock's Not Dead

9- We're Not Getting Any Nuder

10- (Oh Yes) You're Beautiful

11- Ray Martin Has A Shed Full Of Giant Robotic Killer

12- Egg Sandwich

13- Frenzal Rhomb Were Better When Ben Was In The Band

14- Smart Casual Trousers

15- I Will Say This In Your Defence- You're An Idiot

16- Monty

17- Warwick Caper Is In Our Rock Group

18- I Wanna Rock

19- The Debriefing Room Reprise


Bikini High Pool Party Massacre 3

Bikini High Pool Party Massacre 3, Who Invited the Undead?-1997 (Skunk, Ska)

I've Wasted My Life

I've Wasted My Life-1999 (Skunk, Different)

50 Faves From Beyond the Grave

50 Faves From Beyond the Grave-2000 (Compilation of B-sides, EPs and "1, 2, 3 Baby Yeah")

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