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April 8th, 2005

We greeted each other and then got into the interrogation
            Me:      For those who don’t know, who are Fox Trotsky and the                     Expplosives

            Fox:     umm, Well there’s me of course, Fox Trotsky; famed ex-vocalist for Nancy Vandal then I have my 3 most elaborately trained monkeys: Fizz Fazz, Turbo and Barry

            Me:      and what kind of music will you be playing exactly?

            Fox:      hmm, spose it sounds exactly the same as Nancy Vandal, but we’re trying to, with some encouragement and gentle prodding of the 3 monkeys, we’re trying to go in a slightly different direction. With like a punkier version of Gary Newman and DEVO kind of that early 80s new wave vibe in a sort of punk style

            Me:      A little off the wall… what’s your favourite condiment and/or    spread?

            Fox:     Condiment and/or spread. I’m a bit of a vegemite man. I think I’d say vegemite, maybe given a slight run for its money with apricot jam.

            Me:      Cool, Why did you make the decision to release songs for free over the X-ray website rather than through CDs?

            Fox:     Just me being a sterling good chap and also not wanting to go through the painful process of actually pressing CDs and having to sell ‘em to get your money back. This was it’s all free and there’s little in the way of production costs and there’s no cost for the quite beloved punter, so it’s a win win situation.

            Me:      What’s the chance of a live performance or something resembling one?

            Fox:     Very slim Andrew, very slim. ‘A’ because I never liked playing live that much, ‘B’ because I’m not very good at… playing live very much … and … that’s it, A & B. Unlikely, but you never know.

            Me:      Why the decision to have Apes rather than humans in F.T.E? Surely Jason Whalley is cheaper to feed and almost as clean as an ape

            Fox:     That’s true, but he has opinions as do many humans, but apes… they have opinions too, but they’re easier to mould and beat with sticks and stuff. Plus there’s only the RSPCA to worry about, whereas with humans there’s lots of organizations that are concerned about people being beaten with sticks, being told what to play and how to think and so forth.

            Me:      Yeah that’s true. When will the inevitable merchandise be bestowed, such as hats, t-shirts, condoms, be released upon the adoring public?

            Fox:     Umm, as soon as possible but again you get into these differences where you have to actually buy the actual said merchandise, condoms and so forth, and then you have to get people to fork out their hard earned. That’s where these things become complicated, like, I wish there was a digital way of transmitting the T-shirt where you don’t have to actually do anything where money becomes involved. I’m basically being the world’s biggest tight arse and avoiding anything that costs money. But you gotta have a t-shirt though don’t you?

            Me:      Yeah, it’s what you do. So when do ya reckon we’ll hear some stuff from the world’s favourite Uncle, Rich Uncle Skeleton?

            Fox:     I’ve actually recorded and mastered that stuff. A combination of laziness and not wanting people to get too confused, people think, “oh, Fox is in a new band… oh hang on…there’s 2 bands and I’m confused I don’t know which way’s up” So I’ve actually got 3 Rich Uncle Skeleton songs ready to go so maybe in the next couple of weeks when the wild hysteria of Fox Trotsky and the Explosives debut has maybe calmed down a little bit I’ll get some Rich Uncle Skeleton on the website. It’s kinda ready to go and doesn’t sound too bad if I don’t say so myself.

            Me:      What, if anything, is your favourite Misfits release?

            Fox:     ahhh, you’re a ‘We Are 138’ man aren’t ya? ‘Cos I remember reading something about you and 138.

            Me:      I don’t think you can top “All Hell Breaks Loose” from ‘Walk Among Us’… that’s their best song and their best album is Walk Among Us I reckon

            Fox:     Well my favourite Misfits song is ‘brain eaters’ but I do kinda waver amongst other ones. Unlike most people who like the misfits I actually didn’t mind the non-Danzig albums they released.

            Me:      I like ‘em as well.

            Fox:     Really? Do you?

            Me:      You can’t really compare them; they’re too different

            Fox:     Nah, that’s right. People just think its sacrilege to the name. But like, I really liked the first one the ‘American Psycho’ one. I really liked some of the songs. And I thought the guy, umm, what’s his name…Michael Graves, even though no one could replace Danzig and his unique voice if anyone in the world was to replace him, He was the guy.

            Me:      Yeah, like, he’s a great singer

            Fox:     Yeah he’s got a sensational voice and they still wrote good songs.

            Me:      They did indeed. Oi did you let Levi’s jeans use the song “You Rock” from ‘I’ve Wasted my life’, for one of their ads? If so, why aren’t you living it up in So Cal with other punk rock legends?

            Fox:     Well it wasn’t Levi’s it was Jay Jay’s Jeans. Which I’m not sure is better or worse or in between. Yeah they used ‘You rock’ and they had another song for our ad, which I think was… ‘I smell love’ from ‘I’ve Wasted My Life’. Like you know those little zany ads they do? Well in our one, there were these guys riding push bikes off a ramp and into these bushes…

            Me:      ah ok, like where they ride the dumpster into the ocean or whatever…

Fox:     Yeah yeah, but in our ad they got complaints apparently from tree loving people about trees being destroyed so they had to pull the ad, which was a shit… now what was your question again?


Me:      Did you make much money from that? Say enough to live it up in Southern California?

Fox:            *laughs* Oh, we do live it up no question about it. We made a lot of money from Nancy Vandal. All of us sort of live in a fairly luxurious state, I mean, in terms of that specific impact of that ad; not much ‘cos when you’ve got the vast piles of riches that we do it’s kind of like a little pittance. Like change, I probably took whatever money from that ad to the shops and purchased a plasma screen for my toilet, I can’t remember now. My spending habits are so spectacular that the actual details are a bit hazy.

Me:      What’s up those ‘Crunchie’ chocolates? One side is always hard and shit compared to the other delicious side. I assume that you’d know, being the guru that you are.

Fox:     Good question ay, these days I’m more of a Milo man. They’re awesome. And the old Milo bars are great too. You know that they changed? They used to be just Milo with chocolate around them. But now, someone at Milo headquarters said ‘no, let’s mix it up and they mixed it up’ and they just completely changed the whole recipe for the bar but I think it works.

Me:      Yeah, same. I think it’s the new extreme version, with a capital X and no ‘e’

Fox:     True, yeah, I think it is, yeah. That doesn’t answer your question at all does it… food for thought none the less.

Me:            Interesting facts that for sure…why do you think that your classic film “Gate Crasher” failed to impress the tropfest judges?

Fox:            Australia has a bit of a record of setting itself on controversial filmmakers. When the material is really inflammatory and it shakes the very values that they hold dear and Gate Crasher was one of those films. It was kind of a “you can’t handle the truth” situation. They were so overwhelmed with the power and unique vision of the film that they couldn’t handle it so they crushed it. But you can’t crush the truth.

Me:      What, for the uninformed, will be on the X-ray DVD, Sales from the crypt?

Fox:     Well there’s 2 discs, the first disc is just X-ray studio stuff such as the said Gate Crasher as well as “you are so dead” which was the tropfest finalist film, The God’s Ugly Children episodes which was some stuff I did with Frenzal Rhomb’s manager Chris Moses. Which was an animated short, featuring creatures, characters rather, based on the real life Frenzal Rhomb fellows. Umm, and my first short film which is called Fuzzy’s Day Out about a psychotic teddy bear. And music videos like the new Fox Trotsky and the Explosives one as well as Frenzal Rhomb, the Tenants so forth. Disc 2 is a purely Nancy Vandal experience it contains all of our music videos which are all pretty rubbishy quality, but there’s some nuggets of gold. And plus a shit load of live performances from our catalogue of crappy video taped footage. Which has been digitally … enhanced, not remasters, that’s pushing it, it’s been enhanced slightly. But basically it’s a DVD full of Nancy Vandal rubbish. And also the name has changed, it is no longer “sales from the crypt”. I did a little bit of a search and found out that there is a shop called “sales from the crypt” I thought it was my bright idea but it wasn’t.

Me:      Damn, so what are you calling it now?

Fox:     It’s now officially called “Ow, my eyeball” which is a Simpson’s grab, which is on the first Nancy Vandal EP

Me:      Ah yes, from the end of “I slam therefore I am” I believe

Fox:     Ah yes, well remembered. Either Rod or Tod Flanders gets a paper plan flown into his eye and goes “Ow, my eyeball”


Me:      Yeah, I remember that now. When, if ever, do you reckon the Nancy Vandal reunion gig will be released on DVD?

Fox:     We accepted a punters offer of video taping the gig…

Me:      Yeah, it was the old guitarist from Unpaid Debt

Fox:     Oh really? Do you know the guy?

Me:      Not really, but I’ve talked to him.

Fox:     Well they said that they were gonna do it and we thought, yeah, saves us from doing it. But we haven’t really been pressuring them but maybe now the time is right, it was like 2 years ago. I can’t really say for sure but it’s bound to see the light of day eventually.

Me:      Ok then, penultimately, if you were going to be stuck on an island who would be the person you’d wanna be stuck with and who would you hate to be stuck with?

Fox:     I like this question. Presuming I can OK it with my wife: Denise Richards, but that might not fly so if I had to pick a non-spunky female, it’d be Jack Black.

Me:      That’s quality stuff. And you’re last choice?

Fox:     Umm, hmm, there’s a big field. Do you know who Piers Ackerman is? He’s a journalist for the Daily Telegraph and he’s a cunt. But it’s a big, big field.

Me:            Amanda Vanstone?

Fox:     Yeah, gosh, aww fuck, Maybe a more well known pick would be the singer from Good Charlotte.

Me:            Whatever his fuckin name is.

Fox:     Yeah, I don’t like him. But honestly it’d be a pretty long list.

Me:      Sure would be. And finally, if you have a parting message for the millions, thousands, 138 fans out there, what is it Fox?

Fox:     Umm *laughs* Stop listening to any new music because that’s only going to hasten the time in which you don’t find me interesting umm and keep on Rockin’

Me:      Fox, thanks a lot for your time and I’ll get back to ya soon.

Fox was a joy to talk to and I must thank him a lot for letting me interview him. 'Onya Mr. Trotsky!

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