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Related Bands
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Fox Trotsky and the Explosives-This is the band which will be following the NV fame route, only no CDs will be realesed, making them almost as hard to find as Nancy Vandal LPs. It is Fox on vox and a revolving door of other musicians (who I assume are just Fox's friends, like Jason Whalley, JJ Lamore etc.) they play NV kinda stuff, which is rocken, not unlike Dokken. Their first single "The 153rd most dangerous band in the world" is available for a free download at Fox's official site
Rich Uncle Skeleton-This will be the same lineup as the Thighblasters and will be doing most of the music for Fox's new fillums and beyond. MP3's will be available from X-Ray studios when they're made.
Meat Axe, Hard Axe to Follow, The Pieces of Shit-These were the name's of the band Fox Trotsky and J.J. Lamore were in in university, both on guitar. Marcus Rolfe was the singer with Mal Ridley and Graham Randall on bass and drums respectively. They didn't get very far. Needless to say, this was the start of Nancy Vandal
ThighBlasters-The Thighblasters are Fox Trotsky on guitar, J.J. Lamore on bass and the Tenants singer and drummer. They play a country, rock-esque kinda music. Its pretty damn great from what i've heard. Their song "How'd yall get to be so dumb" is on Rock Against Howard.
Loose are the Horny Chicks-This was the band which Telaviv Skywalker, Gilli Pepper and Lickerov Finetesticles were in before being recruited into Nancy vandal. I don't think they're around anymore.
Frenzal Rhomb-This is the band that Jason Jason Beers is the lead singer for. They have been around since 1994 or something and are still around today. They are Australia's premier Punk rock band with many punk rock anthems under their belts. They are still around today making albums, touring etc.
Self Righteous Brothers-This is Jason Whalley and Lindsey McDougal's side project which features both of them on vocals and Jay on bass and the Doctor on acoustic guitar. They play comeedic songs and their debut CD "love songs for the wrong at heart" is out now.

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