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I've Wasted My Life

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El Death Ray!

Ooooo El Death Ray!

Prom Date With No Eyes

He is Real Unique My Dad Calls him a freak no one wants to know what i see in this weirdo but she loves a prom date with no eyes Her Friends do wonder but they don't realise the more the people stop and stare the more i love my baby yeah life in circus tents Strange experiments spooking little kids that's how we get our kicks..

Teenage Go Go Biker

Teenage go Go biker your mum she won't like her-Her leather's tighter She's Rough She's Ready She's Rock Steady She's Ridin Down The Highway (Hey Hey Hey) Get out of Her Way She has no home she lives on the road She's got nothing better to do (ooh Ooh Ooh) Than Terrorise folk like you She Don't go to school or play by the rules life like that's too slow (oh oh oh) she just wants to go go so all hail the queen of dangerous speeds drag her if you dare (yeah yeah yeah) Suddenly She's not there..


I Think i Recognise that kid Isn't that guy selling crack the drumer from Hanson? That'll explain the way his Brothers are Dancing What will Smash Hits Write About this?..

The Forbidden CHA CHA

Love's dance floor is so full of sounds there's lotsa different ways to get down just find your feet then dig the beat everyones gonna shimmy like you but they've got a right to be funky too it may see, strangebut it's much the same don't be scared of the forbidden cha cha it's a wide wide wide world of dance different strokes for different folks.....chachacha don't be like the dad in footloose you'll end up looking the goose open your mind or get left behind your shirt is now your hair is rad but if you've got a colostomy bag on your attitude that needs to improve..

Boy Trouble

If you've got a problem with my frock get this through your brain of cock you can't stop what you have started a fool nd his testes are soon partedI've got boy trouble but not for fucking long don't bother trying to unfurl your baywatch fantasy world coz if i see your little hasslehoff i will gladly rip it off..

Tatts out for the lads

There was something about me that felt kinda passes i needed a new look i was so yesterday (yeah Yeah Yeah) it was really a shame what i had in mind was a permanent addition that would involve some hurtin' but i couldn't be a bitchin' (yeah yeah yeah) there is no gain with no pain i have got something up my sleeve (and what's that) wait till you see you won't believe (tell us more!) how cool i like yeah i'm where it's at it is why i say tatts out for the lads there was no way that i could stop at just one i was back the very next day to get some more done (yeah yeah yeah) but i had been drinking now i am a walking work of art i've no regrets save for the VB waving kangaroo on my forehead (yeah yeah yeah) i don't know what i was thinking Annie's got one, Danny's got one Reggies got one too Jenny's got one Benny's got one waht is stopping you?

Maketh the star

Got some little pieces of Sidney Vicious They're just lying around the lab i have the stomach and the colon of Mr Mark Bolan both of them are looking fab La la Maketh the star The heart of jimi Hendrix Kurt Cobain's Appendix I'll put them in the Gut of the king I'm making such a fine Rock and Roll Frankenstein oh what happiness i will bring..

Aliens Stole My Riff

I once had a jam with some crazy guys they soon disappeared into the night sky i was taken i got gyped just last Friday night aliens stole my riffand it went like this Tried to sue the space fiends but i could not the media made me out to be an idiot they stole my riff..

Sex Toy

Whips and chains you'll feel some pain thrills in the air when you don't play fair whip you spank you you've been a naughty boy harder harder don't you dare be coy i can't deny that i will enjoy it when you become my sex toy nurse and doctor games never two the same got something to show you ooh i hardly know you

Fit young Cowboys

Saddle up move em out the townsfolk know when this posse is about hold on to your hats my pardners wearing nothing but a pair of spandex chaps oh oh let's ride is there any better site than fit young cowboys and new ranchettes work all day play all night get the salon pumping with some paleface dynamite fearing not the rattlers hiss the west was never quite as wild as this

Stevie evil Genius

He's not done the washing up for so long it's not funny always seems to be broke he's late with rent he owes me money Stevie evil genius always hatching diabolical schemes it's getting kind of tedius for an evil genius he spends a lot of time on that sega machine he's working on a nuclear device gonna hold the world to ransom after which he's promised to buysome milk and maybe even put some pants on

Demolition Derby Date

We got ourselves a real good love and some shit hot wheels nothing gets us going like the sound of crunching steel got a tiger in the tank rocket under the hood time to slam the hammer down gonna smash those fucker's good Demolition Derby Date Feelin Good i Can't wait my sweet baby's never late for a demolition derby date ooh my heart it palpitates it's curtains if you hesitate on a demolition derby date side by side in the front seat now ready steady go got ourselves highway to hell on the car stereo we are tearing up the track the crowd is going wild you know that when we hit the town we hit it in style..

I Smell Love

Wrestling crocodiles and skuling fizzy drink's ok if you want to be a solo man for all your days uh-huh but since you came along i've noticed something in the air all i know for sure is yesterday it wasn't there uh-huh i think i'm smellin ooh i'm smellin love david st. Hubbins says smell the glove i just want to smell love in day's gone by my mornings stunk i swore it wasn't me now it is like waking up on planet pot pourri i heard i felt i saw i smelt i tasted some stuff too but i came to my senses when i started loving you i smell love He's Smelling Love..

You Rock

Saw you there one day thought you were kind of lame said beat it four eyes imagine my surprise ooh wah wah ooh it came as quite a shock when i found out that you rock seems i was very wrong - you shook me all night long my friends were all impressed they said you rocked the best we rocked for so long things started to go wrong the doc tried to stress we rocked to excess

The 5 Golden Rules of Space Command

Rule 1 Get yourself a ray gun set it on stun Rule 2 you'll need a trusty crew they'll know what to do Rule 3 know your galaxy be where you've gotta be Rule 4 You must enforce space law That's what you're there for Rule 5 On Friday Night you do the Space Jive baby...

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